ART 361 Assignment ZERO!

Most of you will have experience with ceramic material and techniques. While most students are able to quickly gain some skill in constructing form, it takes quite a bit longer to gain mastery over ceramic surfaces. This is because there is not a one to one correlation between what you put on the surface of the clay and what comes out of the kiln. On top of that is the fact that variations in slip thickness, glaze thickness, application technique and firing temperature can all have profound effects on your finished product. I expect that you will develop as much an understanding in surface techniques (glazing, slipping, decorating) as you gain in building forms with clay.

To help you reach this goal, you will be responsible for doing surface tests throughout the term.

For next class:

1 – Make 30 test tiles:
– 20 must have white slip on half of them
– 10 must have coloured slip on half of them
– Each of them should have some texture on them also

2 – Make 3 tiles that are exactly 12 cm x 18 cm
– cover each of these tiles with an even and thin coat of coloured slip
– these will be your drawing boards
– once leather hard, piece the tile at the top of your tile with a hole that is 1 cm from the top and centered.
– once the slip is leather hard, make a well composed drawing of anything you want. Draw a frame if you like.



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