ART 361 :: Assignment 1 :: Throwing and Woodfiring

All of you have some experience with throwing cylinders on the wheel and by the end of this assignment you will be able to throw with more skill and confidence. You will have experience working with throwing a wide variety of forms or various sizes and shapes – cylinders, bowls, plates, non-symmetrical forms, and building with multiple thrown forms. Additionally, at the end of the assignment, we will be firing the projects in the wood kiln. As part of this, each of you will participate in the various steps of the woodfiring – loading the kiln, stoking the fire, adding salt to the kiln, unloading and cleaning the kiln.

Part One

The first part of this assignment is simply to get you back in the rhythm of building on the wheel. It does take some time to be able to master throwing on the wheel and that is what this assignment is for – repetition to gain control.

For Monday September 15:

Throw 20 forms on the wheel using 1 – 1.5 pound balls of clay. While these forms can be anything you would like, aim to make your forms cylinders with even thickness in the walls and taller rather than wider. You may have to throw more that 20 forms in order to show the class 20 good, trimmed and drying pots.

You will be given most of two classes to work on this portion of the assignment but you will have to spend time outside of class to ensure quality in your work.


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