Art 361 – Assignment 1 Part II and III

Part Two – Sets or Centerpieces
Part two of this assignment is aimed at focusing your throwing ability on creating either a set of objects or a single larger object. Each of these options will require research.

A – for this choice you will propose and make one set of thrown pieces. This set will be a number of pieces that all work together to create a whole. For example, four identical stacking plates; four stacking bowls; a teapot and four tea cups; nesting bowls; etc

B – If you are more drawn to sculpture than to pots, you can make a different sort of object for the table. If you choose this option, research the following types of objects: Tureen, Tulipierre, Platter, Large Serving Bowl, Candelabra, Ceramic pillow, Flower brick, Drug Jars (Apothecary Jars), Baskets, or some other form of centerpiece. For this option, your piece will still be thrown, but it can be thrown and altered.

For either of these choices you will turn in a proposal and that will determine the number or size you are working with. This is only one part of the assignment and I do not want you to over (or under) extend yourselves. Spend some time in the researching either option in the library and include three examples of historical or contemporary works that will reference your work.

These sets will either be gas fired or soda fired. There will also be a wood fire, but there is no guarantee there will be room for these pieces.

Part Three – Multi-part Cylinders
For the final part of the throwing/wood-fire project, you will be making a series of tall cylinders. These cylinders can be anything you would like – a vase, a jar, a pitcher or simply a cylinder tall and round – but each will meet a few requirements: there will be at least three cylinders. one will be 8” tall, one 10” and one 15”. These cylinders can be throw out of one piece of clay or, if it makes more sense, out of multiple thrown pieces. All of these pieces will be wood-fired.

Decoration: these pieces will not be glazed but will instead be decorated with carving, scraffito, flashing slip and slip or terra sig.



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