Ceramics :: ART 261 :: Assignment 1 :: Anthropomorphic Vessels

To begin this term we are going to explore numerous ceramic building techniques in one project while at the same time, researching and investigating historical anthropomorphic1 vessels. In the second part of the project, the same skills will be used to explore personal identity or personal relation to objects through construction.

The task for Assignment One is to create two pit-fired2 anthropomorphic vessels using pinching, coiling, slab construction, and other hand building techniques. The first vessel you will make is an exact reproduction of a historical anthropomorphic vessel and the second vessel will be of your own design, function and personal meaning.

Vessel 1
This vessel will be a reproduction of a historical vessel. Research the history, production and context of anthropomorphic vessels – collect images and examples for your sketchbooks using books, magazines and the Internet for your research. Paying close attention to size, scale and proportions – do not choose a vessel that you do not know the size. Pre-plan and sketch out your vessel before you build it – draw the vessel from multiple angles and break it apart into individual sections to build. Your finished piece should accurately depict its historical counterpart in scale, decoration and size.

Vessel 2
Design and create a personal anthropomorphic vessel based on the knowledge of these vessels you acquired during your previous research. Again, you must pre-plan and sketch out your vessel before you build it. This vessel is not a reproduction so you must determine on your own what the vessel will look like, what it will be used for, etc. As a personal vessel, incorporate narratives from your own life, reference an animal or person you know, or create it for a specific use you might have in your everyday life. Both of these vessels will be finished using terra sigillata3 and pit fired.

The following will be considered for grading: effort, presentation, and consideration of the project parameters, participation and commitment, demonstration of depth of investigation and personal challenge and an overall general skill level.


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