ART 361:: Assignment 2 :: Hand Building :: Stacking Sculptures

Kathy King - Homefront


1 – To investigate personal imagery and mythology. By using some of the things that you have already learned in ceramics (different methods of hand building; coil, pinching, slab-building, and extruding) incorporated with symbolic imagery and stylization of forms you will communicate an idea that has personal significance 2 – To continue to learn how to make large ceramic objects (sculpture) using separate components.
The Structures

Personal History Structure – You will create a multi-piece, stacking sculpture communicating that somehow related to your personal History. This can be about something you are interested in, something about your family members, a childhood dream (or nightmare), a totemic style detailing the structure of your nuclear family or a series of objects relating reoccurring images from your life. The tale your sculpture tells is up to you.

Future Dream Structure – You will create a second multi-piece, stacking sculpture that communicates something about your future or the idea of the future (other than your own.) This second structure is very open ended. Let your ideas run wild with both the form and the content.


Planning and Drawing – For this project it will be very important that you have in place an over all plan for you various structures. You will be making multiple forms that will be fitting together in a variety of ways – visually, physically and conceptually – and to do this haphazardly may results in extra stress you surely do not need.

Have a plan, a drawing, a timeline, or whatever else you work best from ready to show me on Wednesday, October 22. You need to show me what you want to make before you get started – this is a deadline!

Testing – There are many different things you might want to try for this – working in different temperatures, multiple firings, glazes, slips, multi-media, different clays, decals, etc – and I am more that happy with helping you out with whatever idea you would like to try. But. In order to succeed, you will have to test your ideas our before hand. Remember this when planning your sculptures- The final form will be a sculpture with at least three separate parts that stack on top of each other and work together to tell a story. These forms can stack simply with the power of gravity or you can use a threaded bar, a dowel or even wire to hold your form upright. Remember to keep this additional portion hidden (unless it is a part of your narrative/piece.) Note: you can also use bar or dowel to create interesting cantilever effects in you structure. Use your imagination.

Look at Kathy King for some initial ideas.

Here is the assignmnet for you to download: art361-assignment2


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