Artist Statements

November 26, 2008

art-statement-764376As you all know, for the final project in ART 361/461 you will need to have an artist statement.

But…..what is an artist statement? Your artist’s statement can be anything you want it to be, but primarily, it should help a views to understand what you believe to be the most important aspects of your art and the techniques you use to make it. The statement should summarize these things in as few words as possible and not be a lengthy dissertation on your place in the future history of art. A paragraph of three or four sentences should do it. You won’t keep your readers much longer than that.

I hope that helps a bit – but if not, I have attached a file that has some advice for writing an artist statement.



Finally….the Final Project!

November 11, 2008


The Box Assignment

To work within a set or parameters to create an aesthetically and conceptually sound multi-media project.

Each of you will be given an identical wooden box. Using this as your starting point or framing structure, you will create a ceramic object (or objects) to go in the box. There are no requirements as to what this object has to be – it does not have to be functional, it does not have to be a single piece, it does not have to be multiple pieces, it can include a dozen (or two) found objects or no found objects. It does, however, have to be fired (I am looking at ceramics, not clay) but does not have to be glazed.

You can feel free to modify the box as you see fit – paint it, carve it, add to it, cut out of it, stain it (I would strongly recommend at least staining it), mount it to the wall or set it on its side. There really are very few limitations to this assignment.

Due date
This box will be due for the final interview (date to be determined.) If you would like, you can display if for the class at the final critique too.

Artist Statement
There is a second part to this assignment – an artist statement. For the final presentation please have a one – two paragraph artist statement ready. This should talk a bit about what you have created or about what your artist practice is about in general. This statement will NOT be marked but it is required for this assignment. Also, I am fully ready, able and willing to help you with your artist statement any time you would like.

Download the complete assignment: art361-assignment5

Art and the creative process

November 9, 2008

Jillian Tamaki, a Brooklyn-based illustrator and art instructor, recently posted an elegant essay on her personal creative process, explaining step by step how she creates her work and offering advice to those who hope to be effective artists.

The essay is an excellent insight into not only the creative process of an artist, but also the process behind appreciating art and creativity. Her advice boils down to one straightforward concept: “The viewer should be charmed, intrigued, empathetic, repulsed, provoked. SOMETHING. They should be touched enough to want to cut the illustration out of the magazine.” It really is as simple as that. SHe might not be a ceramic artist but I think you might find the article interesting – especially if you have hit a wall.

Read it HERE.