Independent Project Proposal

For the final portion of ART 363 (from Reading Week onwards) each of you will be working on your own project. This project will be proposed by you and then we will come to some sort of agreement after that. Basically you are creating your own assignment for the last half of the term.

Here are some of the things to consider for your proposal:

The Idea – have a general description of the work you would like to focus on – throwing, sculpture, etc. What are these forms and what is your intention with the forms. For example, you might want to make a series of bowls, cups and vases or maybe you want to work sculpturally or on the wall. Think about how you would like the work to be fired? What clay will you use? Will you have to make some new glazes?

Outcome – what you would like to have complete at the end of term. Think here about not only what you would like to have complete for the term, but also what you COULD have done this term – what will you present at the final critique? As you are creating your own assignment, this is what you will be marked against.

Numbers -not only how many you would like to have complete at the end of term but also, how many will you make on your way to completing your work. For example, in order to turn in 20 bowls, how many are you going to have to make along the way? How maybe glaze tests will you have to do? Will you try different kiln firings?

Timeline – make a calender. Be reasonable and sane in what you can accomplish. This is designed to help you plan out the rest of term. You don’t want to have to do it all at the last minute.

Research – what are you going to research to help you get your work done – firings, clays, artists, new techniques?

Influences – finally, give me the names of two artists (ceramic or otherwise) that you are looking at and I will try to come up with two more for you to look at while working towards your final ideas.

Your Proposal is Due Monday February 23 and I will have notes back to you on the 25th. The Proposal must be typed up before being handed in and if it helps to include sketches, calenders, photocopies or whatever else with the proposal, please do.


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